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Carmen Electra Bares Her Sweet Pussy

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Who wants Korn?

Carmen Electra is in love with Korn guitarist Rob Patterson.  The former “Baywatch” babe has told friends that since she began dating the musician last month, she has been besotted with him.  A friend of the actress said, “Rob swept her off her feet.  It’s really nice to see her happy after getting her heart broken,” referring to Carmen’s divorce with Dave Navarro.

The actress hosted the Cosmopolitan Fun and Fearless luncheon in New York and was accompanied by Rob.  After the event, the couple headed to Kobe Club for a romantic meal of crab cakes and truffle fries.  A witness said, “Carmen was all smiles.”

The actress has previously stated, “The best place to meet men is while shopping for groceries.”  She admitted she wanted to be wooed in a grocery store and she loves men who hit on her while she is shopping for food.

Hmmm…seems like the best way to impress this babe is through her stomach.


Carmen loves porn

In her recent movie, “I Want Candy”, Carmen Electra plays a famous porn star named Candy Fiveways in this British comedy directed by Stephen Surjik.  The film is about two wannabe porn directors and the top adult movie actress played by Carmen.  Speaking at the London premiere of the movie, “I didn’t really need to do any research for the part, like watch lots of porn films.  I’ve already seen enough!”  The sexy actress did not even have to audition for the role as she was perfect for it, director Stephen Surjik said.

In line with her sexy image, the movie hopefully fares well.  Carmen shot to fame through her Playboy pictorials and sexy image in Baywatch Hawaii.  She was also a part of the sexy group Pussycat Dolls’ dance performances.  Carmen also has her own range of raunchy fitness DVDs which combines classic striptease with a workout.  Her book, “How To Be Sexy”, advises women on all sorts of things, from makeup and clothes to body language.  But her number one tip for all women is to dress up in lingerie, which she confessed she has a fetish on.

This celebrity certainly knows how to heat up a conversation.  Looking at her gorgeous face and voluptuous body and hearing her say those sexy words is enough to make any man submit to her will.


Carmen’s childhood crushes

The stunning brunette used to attack boys she had a crush on when she was a kid.  She learned ju-jitsu and karate as a child.  “My brother was very good at karate and my mom has got a third degree black belt in ju-jitsu so I grew up learning how to defend myself,” the sexy actress revealed.

“For some reason in school I would always take on boys.  There were a lot of guys who got on the wrong side of me, because I had a crush on them – it was easier to beat them up than to tell them I thought they were hot.”  She admits that her victims were deceived by the girlie image she projected during those times.  Her mother used to dress her up in dresses and put her hair in pigtails.

I would love to see Carmen in short dresses and pigtails.  That would certainly be sight to see!


Lingerie fetish

We know Carmen as an outspoken celebrity, not at all shy in sharing her thoughts on sex and the pursuit of it.  She revealed that she loves wearing sexy underwear and recommends naughty knickers for any woman who wants to spice up her sex life.  She told Britain’s FHM, “I have a lingerie fetish – I love it.  Don’t be afraid of kinky clothing or accessories in the bedroom, it’s fun if you get into lingerie or boots.  And get your girl in high heels – it doesn’t get much sexier.  Sex is all about communication.  Don’t be afraid to reveal your fantasies.”

She also advises men to take a woman out to dinner on a first date.  “Dinner is a great first date.  Don’t believe that stuff about girls not wanting to eat on a first date – sharing a romantic meal is so sexy,” the 34-year-old model said.

Good advice from our favorite sex goddess in the world folks.  How I would like to take her out to dinner and fulfill my fantasies afterwards.


Carmen and Dave’s divorce finalized

Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro’s divorce has been finalized on February 20, 2007.  The couple officially severed ties at a Los Angeles Superior Court.  The “Baywatch” star and the musician met on a blind date and married in 2003; their wedding was documented in a hit reality show by MTV titled “Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave”.

Rumors of a separation first surfaced when Carmen’s publicist revealed that the couple were “amicably separating” in July.  Carmen then filed for divorce in August, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split.  The actress’ marriage with Dave is her second one after previously marrying and also splitting with basketball star Dennis Rodman.

The childless couple agreed to split their assets and personal belongings in accordance with a prenuptial agreement.  They have also waived rights to spousal support.

Dave was most recently seen enjoying a topless table dance performed by Ms. Maxim 2007 Tami Donaldson in a New York club and was reportedly moving in with new girlfriend socialite Sarah Howard.